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Seattle 30. April .2014


Namo Sakyamuni Buddha!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Buddhists,

As Vietnamese and Buddhist refugees abroad – victims of the Vietnamese communist regime and the Communist Party (KP) – we are obliged to inform you about the following issue: 
By accepting the invitation from the so-called “Vietnamese National Committee of Vesakh Festival” for the planned Vesakh festival this year, 2014, in Vietnam, you will support the mesh of lies of the Vietnamese KP, the big traitor of the nation, ruler and oppressor of the Vietnamese people. 

By participating in this event you will support the Vietnamese communist regime in tightening the noose around the neck of all Vietnamese people equally whether they are religious or not. 
By accepting the invitation for and participating in this event you will take part, consciously or unconsciously, everybody for oneself, in creating an extremely heavy negative collective karma against the Vietnamese people, who is literally muzzled under the totalitarian regime of the KP with his false puppet regime.

This gang of the nation´s traitors has been disguising themselves behind the face of the “Vietnamese Communist Party” since 1945, when they seized power under their gang leader Ho Chi Minh. Since then in North Vietnam and in the entire Vietnam since 1975, until today, 2014, people have been suffering from extreme perfidious system of this inhuman gang.

In recent Vietnamese history there was only one true sovereign state existing – the Republic of Vietnam in South Vietnam, between the years of 1955 and 1963, under President Ngo Dinh Diem. Its constitution and President were the only ones being legitimated by the people and part of an international accepted sovereign Vietnamese state. It destroyed by a putsch planned conspiratorially by Zionist high finance power FED of ISRAEL-USA and the CIA with their Trojan perfidious UBCV. 

The “UBCV” is the “Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam”, the “BCV” is the “Buddhist Church of Vietnam” from whom you received the “invitation to the United Nations Day of Vesahk (UNDV) 2014”. These two organizations are badly disguised and poisonous bait-traps with a “religious” facade. They are the most important perfidious power instruments of the Communist Party used against people. A summary of these two masks of the Vietnamese CP and their crimes can be found in innumerable articles in the internet. A detailed example is the following article: “Thich Nhat Hanh - A KPAgent in Monk’s robes – the trails of blood of the "Unified BuddhistChurch of Vietnam" or how the Vietnamese Communist Party exploits thepower of Buddhism as an instrument of power”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Buddhists,

There must be people who suffer from “Morbus Ignorantia”, who cheat or let cheat themselves so that they can ignore one fact: Without exception, all countries ruled by communist regimes, like once the UdSSR(*) or the present China with its puppet regimes like Burma, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and so on… oppress the basic rights of people and trickily rob them … and the fact that, what is displayed is only propaganda made up by the rulers.

Furthermore these people must be blinded so much that they still support a communist regime and ignore the fact that in 2006 the European Parliament PACE enacted resolution no. 1481. In this resolution the criminals of Communism and their crimes were strongly condemned internationally… “The Black Book of Communism” is an important document and known worldwide. In this book the crimes of the Marxist Communism with the leading criminals Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot, to Ho Chi Minh are listed… All the surviving victims of the Communism know this, but in communist Vietnam the people don’t have the right to talk about it.

Did you know as one of many invited guests of this communist regime, that this “Vesakh Committee” is an institution of the BCV, a nationalized “religious” instrument of the Communist Party? Among other things this BCV is responsible for erecting the buildings of the “Ho Chi Minh Pagoda” and the “Bai Dinh Pagoda”. Those two oversized immovable properties of the KP were titled as “Buddhist Pagodas” and were sold. In one of them a Ho Chi Minh statue thrones in front of the world´s worshipped Buddha Sakyamuni. As all other “Buddhist Delegations” you will be shown up too by the “Vesakh Committee” to first worship Ho Chi Minh, and afterwards worship also Buddha Sakyamuni.
Ho is CP Chairman everywhere, also in the "Ho Pagoda" in Binh Duong, Vietnam.
Coated with high karat gold, his statue sits in front of the Buddha statue. Next to it the CP flag is hoisted up.

The fact, that Ho Chi Minh, the biggest criminal and traitor of Vietnamese people of all times, is positioned in front of Buddha Sakyamuni and deified by the KP is an act of force of the KP against the Vietnamese people, religious or not, and against humanity. Is anyone against it? If so, the gun and the prison of the KP are waiting for him. 

Honored Buddhists,
You should know precisely: If you take part in this “Vesakh-festival” with a Buddhist robe, even if you won´t speak a word, you will still have a hand in keeping alive the KP´´s propagandistic lie saying that “Freedom of Religion” does exist in today’s Vietnam. This so-called “Freedom of Religion” is just displayed and existing only and exclusively only for you and for those who support the lies of the KP.

So these people definitely don’t assemble for worshipping Buddha Sakyamuni. But these people disfigure strongly the truthfully worshipping of all people to Buddha, especially the one of all inland Vietnamese people, who do not have the right to speak only one word about whether they have a religious denomination or not.

Any basic right is has been refused to the Vietnamese people since 1945, when the traitor of the people Ho Chi Minh seized power. Neither freedom of religion, nor freedom of press, nor freedom of speech does exist… They don’t have the right to possess anything. All the worthless articles and double-tongued laws of Ho’s regime until the present day are only useful for the propagandistic lies of the KP to dissemble something to the whole world. 

This traitor of the people and the nation Ho Chi Minh and his KP had just replicated the original pattern of Stalin’s and Mao-Tse-Tung’s extermination model in North Vietnam from 1945 to 1975 and in complete Vietnam from 1975 down to the last detail. 

Following a few main features:

With the criminal force of the so-called Marxist ideology, originated from the Zionist high finance from Europe and masked in a communist robe, Ho Chi Minh and his KP had infiltrated and forcibly eliminated all Vietnamese nationalistic Parties. 

Ho and his Communist Party had stolen any basic rights from the Vietnamese people. With a quadripartite totalitarian people-oppression plan (a copy of the so-called “Four Modernizations” from china) the KP had stolen and dispossessed the people through lies and brutal force. The people were driven into the abyss of poverty and impecuniosity. 

  • This is the violent elimination and removal of all mental-intellectual layers of the country
  • This is the violent elimination and dispossession of all property owners of the country.
  • This is the violent elimination and dispossession of all real estate and land owners.
  • This is the violent elimination and removal of all upper layers of the country who are capable to give law. 

Did you know that Ho Chi Minh is ranked thirteenth on the list of the biggest criminal murderers worldwide? After Mao Tse Dong, who alone has killed 72 million human lives. 
After the KP had taken totalitarian control of North Vietnam by propagandistic brainwashing and force, they prepared for an invasion war against the Republic of Vietnam in the South. This cruel war took place until 30.04.1975 in South Vietnam. After that Cambodia and Laos were up next just disguised with another mask. Indeed the war of the KP against the Vietnamese people has not ended yet. The blood trails of the crimes have remained still fresh until this day and the stench cannot be removed. 

We cannot list all the crimes and the complete brutality of the KP at once, even many more following generations of the Vietnamese people won´t be able to do so. Even “Vietnam’s bamboo is not numerous enough to list all of the KP´s crimes”. As well as there is not enough water in the Vietnamese Eastern Sea in order to wipe off the bloody stench of the KP crimes, but the water itself would be contaminated”. Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese KP are just perfidious instruments of the red Zionistic imperialistic high finance forces. 

At this point we only tell you some facts, which hopefully will concern you and accordingly which will invite you to reflect. At first we limit ourselves to the contemporary Buddhism in Vietnam, which is tricky undercut and exploited as an instrument of power by the KP: Since 1945 in North Vietnam and since 1975 in entire Vietnam no Freedom of Religion has been existing down to the present day. 

Because ever since 1945 all Buddhist temples and pagodas of all kind are under strict control by the Communist Party. 
All of the religious organizations have been robbed by the KP through the lie of “nationalization”.
All Buddhist religious activities are forbidden and penalized because religion is classified as “the opium of the people”.

The KP had forced all authentic monks and nuns or religious leaders of the old generation in North Vietnam to give up their religious lives and chased them home. If they are still there, they are muzzled; otherwise prison, torture or death will be the consequences. Most of the pagodas and temples are undercut by communist cadres in monk’s robes to control all religious organizations and the people of Vietnam in a perfidious way.

Also all “monkish hosts” at this Vesakh festival, who will welcome you solemnly, are nothing else then high-ranked communist cadres in monk’s robes. All Vietnamese people are aware of it. But if they talk about it, the KP will impose cruel punishments. The younger “monk and nun” – generation are not monks and nuns, but they are communist cadres in monk’s robes, the best trained ones of all religious-policemen of the communist regime. They have to study Marxist doctrines in order to control and thereby rob the people easier.

Please do not be surprised about the enormous number of “pagodas” and “temples” in the communist Vietnam like for example “Bai Dinh” and the “Ho Pagoda”. Because the bigger they are, the more profit the regarded KP official wins back out of his own “investment project”. You “solemnize” on a KP ground which was robbed from the people. 

Don’t forget that more than 3 million Vietnamese asylum-seekers live in exile because of the prosecution of the Vietnamese KP. Don’t forget that the perfidious Vietnamese KP had undercut and robbed the country to transform it into an unofficial Chinese province. They administrate the slavery of this country for the Chinese Party to cover up the red imperialistic power in Asia. 

Dear Buddhists,

Please keep in mind: One of the most popular religious characters nowadays is His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. But also he and his abroad living Tibetan people are still living in exile because his Tibetan homeland is still hold under forcible occupation by the Chinese communist regime. What would you think if the Chinese KP which has stolen the country from him and insults him as “wolf in a sheep’s disguise”, will now arrange a “Vesakh festival” in Lhasa and invite him? 

If you are able to, please try to put yourself in his place. Then you will know that he would never travel there under these circumstances. But if you are not able to put yourself in the place of one single compassionate character as the Dalai Lama, then it is not too late to do so. 

The whole world knows, although without hearing about this letter, that this so-called “Vesakh festival 2014” in Vietnam is a communist show made up by the KP in Buddhist robes. And the whole world knows who all the invited guests are, of course, because there is nobody preventing this people from dressing up with Buddhist robes. Or from revealing themselves as Buddhists on the one hand, but on the other hand supporting directly or indirectly, because of ignorance, the crimes of the communist regime simultaneously. These are the seeds, these are the fruits, this is the karma. 

Hereby we invite you cordially to visit a freed, free Vietnam someday, when the country and its people will be definitely freed from the communist phantom.

Therefore, in the name of the Vietnamese Buddhists in Vietnam and the Buddhist refugees abroad, the victims of the Vietnamese communist party, we appeal to you to boycott this “Vesakh festival”.

We thank you very much for your attention!
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha


(*) Even after the staged “Breakup” of the USSR by the KGB the communism the disguised instrument of the Zionistic intentions of the Jewish high finance in no way is disestablished. But it is rather dressed in a new robe of the “EUdSSR” and widespread now in entire Europe.

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Please spread this message as much as possible! Thank you. 

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